Unraveling Shadows

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Dr. Jenebah Tamba is a pivotal figure at the heart of global health as the World Health Organization’s Undersecretary and liaison to the UN/WHO Joint Task Force. She stands as humanity’s bulwark against a catastrophic virus, once a mere threat to bees, now mutated into a formidable enemy against mankind.

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Kareem J Glover

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Unraveling Shadows Audiobook
Unraveling Shadows Audiobook
Unraveling Shadows by Kareem J Glover
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“Unraveling Shadows” is a gripping tale of survival, betrayal, and the indomitable human spirit. Prepare to be immersed in a narrative where every revelation is a piece of a complex puzzle. Dr. Jenebah Tamba, W.H.O undersecretary and liaison to the UN/WHO Joint Task Force, stands as the last line of defense against a mysterious and lethal virus once confined to the bee population. This deadly pathogen now threatens humanity with a mutated highly aggressive strain. As this lethal pathogen wreaks havoc in refugee camps, causing sterility and untold suffering, Jenebah uncovers a chilling conspiracy: a prominent humanitarian organization is infecting refugees as part of a dark experiment. Risking her life, she infiltrates a camp plagued by this aggressive strain, only to uncover a nightmarish creation, a grotesque product of science gone awry. Her quest for the truth plunges her into a treacherous world of espionage, where morality is malleable and trust is a rare commodity.

Series: Shadows of Extinction

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3 reviews for Unraveling Shadows

  1. Karen Mazzaferri

    Karen Mazzaferri

    I was really excited to read this book based on the synopsis. But even after 100 pages in, there was nothing said about the virus, no mention of bees or anything else related to the destruction of humanity. It talked about the kidnapping and recovery of a controversial scientist. At one point, I had to go back to dates as it made it seem as though this scientist had been missing for weeks when it was only a couple days. They had done some mind altering experiments on her which I was unclear about
    The prose are well written and have a lot of potential. The author uses vocabulary in a way that makes you stop to think and analyze the phrase which completely makes sense. Written in the third and first person, there was way too much narrative and not enough dialogue. I am giving this a four based on writing technique but not content.
    Thank you #netgalley for the opportunity to review this book
    – (Goodreads Review)

  2. Sue


    Hold onto your hazmat suits, people, because Unraveling Shadows is like a rollercoaster that doesn’t believe in brakes! So, Dr. Jenebah Tamba, our fearless hero, is back to save the world from a mutated bee virus. Yes, you heard that right—bees! From lab coats to action boots, she’s out there dealing with secrets, death, and more drama than a reality show.

    Why should you dive into this thriller? Well, it’s like Mission Impossible meets National Geographic, but with a kick-butt scientist as the lead. And let me tell you, the plot twists are as wild as a bumblebee on caffeine. Kareem J Glover doesn’t just tell a story; they throw you headfirst into a whirlwind of danger and mystery. If you want a thriller that’ll have you sweating more than a bee in a hot hive, Unraveling Shadows is your ticket to a pulse-pounding, page-turning adventure!
    – (Goodreads Review)

  3. Abigail L.

    Abigail L.

    Unraveling Shadows thrusts readers back into the gripping world of Dr. Jenebah Tamba. As a W.H.O. Undersecretary and liaison to the UN/WHO Joint Task Force, Dr. Tamba faces a dire threat—a lethal virus that originated in bees and has now mutated into a highly aggressive strain endangering humanity. The story unfolds with a seamless blend of lab intrigue and field tension, as Dr. Tamba grapples with the shadows of the past and the perilous choices that will determine the future. The author skillfully weaves a web of secrets and death in this heart-stopping thriller, delivering a plot that keeps readers on the edge of their seats while shedding light on the delicate balance between science and survival.
    – (Goodreads Review)

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