The Apicide Affair Audiobook


The Apicide Affair will make your heart race and your mind spin! Dr. Jenebah Tamba’s research leads her into a world of secrets, shadows, assassination, and a perilous journey to save humanity from the brink. 

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G7 Publishing 17 July 2023 English 275 pages


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Kareem J Glover

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Unraveling Shadows Audiobook
Unraveling Shadows Audiobook
Unraveling Shadows by Kareem J Glover
Unraveling Shadows Backcover


How far would you go to save humanity from Extinction?

Dr. Jenebah Tamba, a dedicated geneticist, embarks on a journey that spirals from groundbreaking research into a perilous investigation. Her focus on DNA disorders in bees initially seemed confined to the world of insects, but a grim discovery shattered those boundaries. As unexplained human deaths surface, connected to the same strains of virus responsible for the precipitous decline of the bee populations, Dr. Tamba realizes that her work holds unforeseen consequences.

Delving deeper, she unravels a perplexing link between the DNA disorder that’s decimating bee colonies and its unexpected migration into the human genetic landscape. The urgency amplifies as this enigmatic disorder triggers a dangerous reduction in human reproduction rates, casting a shadow of potential catastrophe over the future of humanity itself.

Series: Shadows of Extinction

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