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  • AI Generated Basis Cover Design
  • Formatting & Coversion of Manuscript
  • Format Deliver: Ebook (Epub)
  • 1 Day of New Release Promotion (Homepage)

Literary Luminary

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  • Cover Formating for Paperback and Hardcover
  • Formatting and Conversion of Manuscript
  • Format Deliver: Ebook, Paperback & Hardcover
  • *Publish to 5 Platforms: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, KOBO, Google Books and Apple Books
  • 1 Month of New Release Promotion
  • Listing of Your Book
  • Dedicated Author Page
  • Blogging Opportunities
  • *Publish Under Our Imprint: ISBN Provided (optional)

Frequently Asked Questions

The process begins once a plan is chosen and paid for, with further instructions provided by your self-publishing assistant. This ensures a seamless and efficient publishing journey. 

Your self-publishing assistant will provide you with detailed instructions tailored to the specific requirements of your chosen plan. This personalized guidance is designed to ensure that your manuscript aligns perfectly with our publishing standards and your own expectations.

We believe in collaborative creativity. You’ll have significant input in the cover design process of your book, ensuring the final product aligns with your vision.

We offers comprehensive distribution, publishing your book on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, KOBO, Google Books, and Apple Books for wide-reaching visibility and accessibility.

Absolutely. Your self-publishing assistant will provide guided assistance throughout your self-publishing journey.

Our team will be there to support you in uploading your manuscript files to the selection of platforms included in your publishing plan, ensuring that your work is properly formatted and presented in the best possible light.

As the author, your insights and input are invaluable in the final stages of publication. You will play a crucial role in providing detailed descriptions and carefully chosen keywords for your book. These elements are essential for effectively marketing your book on the various platforms, as they help potential readers discover and understand the essence of your work. Crafting compelling descriptions and selecting the right keywords can significantly impact your book’s visibility and attractiveness to your target audience.

Authors retain all copyright, with G7 Publishing holding non-exclusive rights to publish print copies and owning the ISBNs for those prints (If publishing under our imprint).

Ebooks have 100% royalties to the author.

G7 Publishing does not offer editorial support. Manuscripts should be edited and ready for formatting before submission.

Yes, authors purchasing our Literary Luminary plan have the opportunity to have a dedicated author page on our website.

There’s also the option to guest post under your pen name, enhancing your visibility and engagement with your readers.

No, you do not have to publish under our imprint, however this flexibility is designed to cater to our authors preferences regarding how they wish to manage the publication and distribution of their books.

For those opting to publish under our imprint, several benefits are provided at no additional cost.

  1. Free ISBNs for Both Paperback and Hardcover Versions: Obtaining an ISBN (International Standard Book Number) is a critical step in the publishing process, as it uniquely identifies your book and facilitates its sale and distribution. By publishing under our imprint, you’re relieved of the cost and effort of acquiring these ISBNs on your own.

  2. Wider Distribution: Our imprint has established channels that ensure broader distribution of your book to various online bookstores. This extensive reach is pivotal in enhancing the visibility of your work to a larger audience.

  3. Enhanced Visibility Through Continuous Marketing: We actively market the books published under our imprint, ensuring ongoing efforts to increase your book’s exposure and appeal to potential readers.

  4. Author Page with Blogging Option: Authors get a dedicated page that can include a bio, links to their work, and a blogging option. This feature allows for a more profound connection with readers and the opportunity to drive further interest in your books.
  5. Linking to Amazon eBook Listing: For authors who also have eBook versions available on Amazon, we provide links from their book page directly to their Amazon eBook listing, facilitating easy access for potential readers.

Authors have the freedom to publish their print books directly with Ingram Sparks (ISBN needed) or Amazon KDP, where they can receive 100% of the royalties. This route offers complete control over the publication process, but it’s important to note that:

  • Publishing directly requires authors to either purchase their own ISBNs or use the free ISBN option provided by Amazon KDP. It’s crucial to understand that using Amazon’s free ISBN limits your book’s distribution exclusively to the Amazon platform, potentially restricting its reach.

  • Both the Author Expedition and Literary Luminary plans include assistance in publishing your book. However, for those choosing to self-publish, especially in print, the cost and responsibility of securing ISBNs fall on the author.

Publishing Under Our Imprint

Ingram Spark /Lightning Source.

Ingram Spark/Lightning Source boast an extensive global network of print facilities, ensuring that authors and publishers can distribute their works efficiently across the globe. Within the United States, their operations are strategically located to optimize distribution and delivery times. Specifically, there is one facility in California, providing a pivotal point for the western region. Tennessee hosts two of these facilities, enhancing the distribution capabilities across the southeastern and central United States. Additionally, Pennsylvania is home to another facility, serving the northeastern part of the country effectively.

Expanding their reach beyond the United States, Lightning Source and Ingram Spark also operate printing facilities in the United Kingdom, Australia, and the United Arab Emirates. This international presence not only demonstrates their commitment to global distribution but also allows for local printing options in key markets around the world.

Publishing under our imprint through Ingram Sparks ensures your book benefits from extensive distribution channels, making it available worldwide, including major online retailers and bookstores.

Authors can choose to publish under their own name with Ingram Spark, retaining 100% royalties. You will need to obtain individual ISBN for your paperback and hardcover books

If you choose to publish under our imprint, G7 Publishing primarily interacts with Lightning Source/Ingram Spark for printing and distribution services. Unfortunately, this means our visibility into specific sales data is somewhat limited. Lightning Source/Ingram Spark provides us with information regarding the countries where your book sales occur, but they do not specify the individual bookstores making those sales.

On a more positive note, for your ebook sales through Amazon, we assist in setting up your book on Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) platform. This setup grants you direct access to your KDP account, where you can monitor the performance of your ebook, including detailed sales data. Through your KDP dashboard, you’ll have the ability to see exactly how many ebooks you’ve sold on Amazon, offering a clear and direct insight into your ebook’s success on this specific platform.

The success of a book can vary significantly based on its genre and the effectiveness of your marketing strategy. Genres such as thrillers, mysteries, and romance tend to have a broader appeal and, as a result, often achieve higher sales compared to others. Fantasy and science fiction, while having a dedicated readership, require certain key elements to resonate with their audience, including intricate plots, dynamic action, and compelling heroic characters. On the other hand, genres like metaphysical and visionary fiction typically see more modest sales figures due to their niche appeal.

When it comes to books that blend multiple genres, the challenge of marketing them effectively can increase, as it may be harder to pinpoint the target audience.

Authors receive 80% of the net income from print distributions through Ingram Spark. Royalties are paid monthly via PayPal or Zelle.

The wholesale discount we use is 40% in the USA and 45% elsewhere.

Use this tool to estimate how much G7 Publishing will receive from Ingram Spark on each book sold. [Publisher Compensation (royalties) Calculators]

You can use Ingram Spark Printing/Shipping Calculator to find the cost of author copies and shipping cost. You will be invoice without any upcharge from us. 

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