Launchpad Essentials – Just Need a Little Help


  • Basic Cover Design
  • Formatting of Manuscript
  • Manuscript Conversion – Ebook (Epub)
  • 1 Day: New Release Promotion
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Introducing “Launchpad Essential” – your perfect companion on the journey to self-publishing success. This comprehensive package is expertly tailored for aspiring authors eager to turn their manuscripts into polished masterpieces.

With “Launchpad Essential,” you receive a Basic Cover Design service, where our skilled designers craft a visually appealing cover that encapsulates the essence of your story. It’s not just a cover; it’s the first invitation to readers, offering a glimpse into the world you’ve created.

Our Formatting of Manuscript service ensures your work adheres to industry standards, providing a seamless digital reading experience.

You will receive an Epub file (universally compatible) of your manuscript, ready to distribute.