Author Expedition: Self-Publishing Package


  • Cover Design and Formatting
  • Formatting of Manuscript
  • Manuscript Conversion – Ebook (Epub) and Paperback
  • Guided assistance (If Needed) publishing to Amazon, Barnes & Noble and KOBO
  • 1 Week: New Release Promotion
  • Permanent Listing of Your Book
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“Author Expedition” provides a comprehensive suite of services designed to guide and assist you with the exciting process of self-publishing, ensuring your story not only sees the light of day but shines brilliantly for its readers.

Cover Design and Formatting: First impressions count, and your book’s cover is no exception. Our team will create a visually stunning cover that captures the essence of your story and appeals to your target audience. Along with cover design, we meticulously format your manuscript, paying close attention to layout, typography, and overall aesthetic to enhance readability and professional appeal.

Manuscript Format Delivery: In the digital age, versatility is key. We provide formatting and conversion services for both Ebook (Epub) and Paperback versions of your work. This ensures that your book is accessible to readers, regardless of their preferred reading format, increasing your reach and potential audience.

Guided Assistance for Publishing: The path to publishing can be complex, but you’re not alone. Our team offers guided assistance to help you navigate the publishing process on major platforms like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and KOBO.

1-Week New Release Promotion: Launching your book is a momentous occasion, and we ensure it gets the attention it deserves. Our one-week new release promotion puts your book in the spotlight across our affiliated blogs, social media channels, and our email list of enthusiastic book lovers. This initial burst of exposure is crucial in building momentum for your book’s release.

Permanent Listing on Our Website: Your book’s journey doesn’t end with its release. We offer a permanent listing of your book on our website, complete with links to its various distribution outlets. Our constant advertising efforts mean ongoing exposure for your book long after the initial launch buzz has subsided.

G7 Publishing is committed to empowering authors like you with the tools, guidance, and exposure needed to transform your manuscript into a published masterpiece.


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