The Apicide Affair

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The Apicide Affair will make your heart race and your mind spin! Dr. Jenebah Tamba’s research leads her into a world of secrets, shadows, assassination, and a perilous journey to save humanity from the brink. 

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Kareem J Glover

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Unraveling Shadows Audiobook
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How far would you go to save humanity from Extinction?

Dr. Jenebah Tamba, a dedicated geneticist, embarks on a journey that spirals from groundbreaking research into a perilous investigation. Her focus on DNA disorders in bees initially seemed confined to the world of insects, but a grim discovery shattered those boundaries. As unexplained human deaths surface, connected to the same strains of virus responsible for the precipitous decline of the bee populations, Dr. Tamba realizes that her work holds unforeseen consequences.

Delving deeper, she unravels a perplexing link between the DNA disorder that’s decimating bee colonies and its unexpected migration into the human genetic landscape. The urgency amplifies as this enigmatic disorder triggers a dangerous reduction in human reproduction rates, casting a shadow of potential catastrophe over the future of humanity itself.

Series: Shadows of Extinction

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3 reviews for The Apicide Affair

  1. PagesandPaws


    “The book made me going, ‘wait what the’? Dr. Tamba is toss head first into the thick of things, I can’t wait for book two.”
    – (Barnes and Noble Review)

  2. Jennell


    “‘The Apicide Affair’ is a riveting and intricately woven thriller that dives into the world of scientific research, corporate manipulation, and the consequences of powerful decisions. The book took me on a journey through the lives of its diverse and dynamic characters, each grappling with their pasts, ambitions, and moral dilemmas.
    The story is about, Dr. Jenebah Tamba, an intelligent and determined scientist, who finds herself thrust into a dangerous web of intrigue and manipulation after a laboratory mishap. The author, Kareem J Gloverm skillfully combines personal reflections and high-stakes scientific challenges to create a compelling narrative that is both relatable and suspenseful. The novel seamlessly navigates between past and present, allowing me to understand Dr. Jenebah Tamba’s motivations and past traumas.
    One of my favorite thing about the book is its exploration of the ethical dilemmas surrounding scientific research and corporate interests. The characters struggle with questions of integrity, control, and the greater good, adding depth to the plot and encouraging me to contemplate these complex issues.
    The action scenes are intense and well-described, immersing me in the heart of the chaos and danger. Dr. Jenebah Tamba’s resourcefulness and resilience shine during these moments, making her a relatable and inspiring hero. The supporting characters are also well-developed, each with their own motivations and secrets. Their interactions add layers to the plot and contribute to the
    sense of intrigue.
    Overall, this is a great book and an even better read. Highly Recommend!”
    – (Amazon Review)

  3. Lisa Oesterling

    Lisa Oesterling

    “Three and a half stars. I did enjoy this book once I got to the second half. It is very well written. It was a little technical and confusing at first- for a long time I wasn’t sure if I was reading a book about a political event or science event. However, the last half of the book was much better and action packed, and I think people will still be wondering who are the good guys and who are the bad guys. It’s definitely not black and white. I am looking forward to the second book to learn more about Jenebah.”
    – (Goodreads Review)

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