Excerpt from “Atlas of Existence: Earth Edition”

Chapter 47: Guardians of Genetics – The United Nations Office for Genetic Ethics and Oversight (UNOGEO)

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In an era where the manipulation of the very fabric of life has become not just possible, but commonplace, the need for a vigilant and ethical oversight body was more pressing than ever. This necessity gave birth to the United Nations Office for Genetic Ethics and Oversight (UNOGEO), a beacon of moral guidance in the tumultuous seas of genetic experimentation.

Department Name: United Nations Office for Genetic Ethics and Oversight (UNOGEO)

Background of UNOGEO:

Establishment: UNOGEO was established in response to the growing need for ethical oversight and regulation in the field of genetic research and experimentation, particularly in the wake of incidents involving covert and unethical genetic testing by corporations and entities.

Purpose: The primary purpose of UNOGEO is to monitor, regulate, and provide guidance on genetic research and experimentation globally, ensuring compliance with international ethical standards and human rights laws.


Monitoring and Regulation: Oversee and regulate genetic research activities globally, ensuring they adhere to international ethical standards.

Investigation and Enforcement: Investigate reports of unethical genetic experiments and enforce compliance with global standards.

Advisory Role: Provide expert advice to UN member states on genetic research policies and practices.

Public Awareness: Raise awareness about the ethical implications of genetic research and its impact on society.


Director-General: Leads the department and reports directly to the United Nations Secretary-General.

Ethical Review Board: A panel of experts that reviews and approves genetic research projects for ethical compliance.

Investigative Unit: A team responsible for investigating reports of unethical genetic activities.

Policy and Advisory Division: Develops policies and provides advice on ethical genetic research and experimentation.

Public Outreach and Education: Engages in global awareness campaigns and educational programs.

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