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With the holiday season just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about the perfect gifts for your loved ones. If you have a bookworm in your family, you know how much they appreciate anything related to their favorite pastime. This year, why not surprise them with some unique and thoughtful stocking stuffers that will enhance their reading experience? Here are ten great ideas that are sure to make any book lover smile.


Avid readers can never have too many bookmarks. Consider getting them a set of beautiful, handcrafted bookmarks made from materials like leather or fabric. Alternatively, you could opt for bookmarks that double as mini flashlights or have built-in magnifiers for those who enjoy reading in low light or have trouble with small print.

2. Literary Socks

Who says socks have to be boring? Surprise your bookworm with a pair of literary-themed socks featuring quotes or characters from their favorite books. Whether it’s Sherlock Holmes, Harry Potter, or Pride and Prejudice, there’s a pair of socks out there that will make them smile every time they put them on.

3. Bookplates

Help your bookworms keep track of their beloved collection with personalized bookplates. These adhesive labels can be placed inside the front cover of each book, ensuring that everyone knows who the true owner is. Choose from elegant designs or customizable options that allow you to add a personal touch.

4. Reading Journal

Encourage your bookworm to reflect on their reading journey with a reading journal. This is a great way for them to keep track of the books they’ve read, jot down their thoughts and favorite quotes, and even set reading goals for the upcoming year. Look for a journal with prompts and sections for different genres to make it even more special.

5. Bookish Candles

Set the mood for reading with a bookish candle. These candles are often inspired by popular literary works and come in a variety of scents that evoke the atmosphere of the story. From the cozy scent of a library to the fresh aroma of a forest, these candles will create a delightful reading ambiance.

6. Literary Tote Bag

A stylish and practical gift, a literary tote bag is perfect for bookworms who are always on the go. Look for a bag that features their favorite book cover or author’s quote. Not only will it hold their current read, but it will also showcase their love for literature wherever they go.

7. Bookish Mugs

Give your bookworm a reason to cozy up with a good book and a hot beverage with a bookish mug. Look for mugs that feature quotes or illustrations from classic novels or their favorite authors. Whether they prefer coffee, tea, or hot chocolate, every sip will remind them of their love for reading.

8. Literary Puzzle

Challenge your bookworm’s mind with a literary puzzle. Look for puzzles that feature book covers or book-related artwork. Not only will it provide hours of entertainment, but it will also serve as a decorative piece once completed.

9. Bookish Coasters

Protect their furniture in style with bookish coasters. Look for coasters that feature literary quotes, book covers, or illustrations. These functional and decorative items will add a touch of literary charm to any reading nook.

10. Book Subscription Box

For the ultimate gift that keeps on giving, consider a book subscription box. These boxes are curated with book lovers in mind and often include a new release or a selection of handpicked books, along with bookish goodies like bookmarks, candles, and other literary-themed items. It’s like receiving a surprise gift every month!

This holiday season, show your bookworm how much you appreciate their love for reading with these thoughtful stocking stuffers. From bookmarks to bookish mugs, there’s something for every book lover in your family. These gifts will not only enhance their reading experience but also remind them of your love and support for their favorite hobby.

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