Shadows of Extinction Signature Gift Box


Get ready for a literary journey with our bookish gift box, featuring signed hardcovers of ‘The Apicide Affair’ and ‘Unraveling Shadows.’ This box sets the stage for endless hours of engrossed reading, but between the twists and turns of the tales, pause for a sip of aromatic tea, elevating your reading session into a multisensory experience.

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Dive into the “Shadows of Extinction” series with our signature gift box. This collector’s treasure trove includes the hardcover copies of the gripping series: “The Apicide Affair” and “Unraveling Shadows,” each one signed by the author to make your reading experience unique.

Enjoy your reading moments with a series-themed mug, perfect for the included delectable loose-leaf tea. Our ‘Shadows of Extinction Signature Gift Box’ makes a perfect gift for any book lover.


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